We want to nurture the joy and love of learning in everyday activities like playing Bridge, Solitaire, Poker, Go Fish or your favorite card game.

Even home and office decorations can be educational with beautiful paintings of flowering plants that include information like their common and scientific names!

Photo Copyright:  Cristina Howell

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​ Creators of art Lore products -  where beauty and education meet!

About Sozo Seed

Sozo Seed was founded by a creative homeschool mom and childbirth educator who loves to encourage childhood and adult learning in ways that are fun, organic and appreciative of the beauty that is all around us.   


"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

Charlotte Mason 

We believe that we are surrounded by beauty waiting to be treasured and that learning is a natural part of everyday activity as well as a conscious practice that can be woven into all aspects of life, including recreation and decor!

Sozo Seed - planting seeds of life and learning

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